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Incendo 2.0 was a two-day event that took place on November 3rd and 4th, 2023.

 On the first day, two exciting events were held: Market Spree and Amazing Race 2.0.

Market Spree involved a unique selection process. Students with the highest number of likes on their reels advanced to the second round. In this round, known as Pictionary, participants faced various challenges. The top three contestants who successfully navigated through Pictionary proceeded to the third round. In this final round, they were presented with unused products and tasked with creating persuasive pitches. Post elimination there were 6 teams up against each other in the final round. Out of 30 participants 3 of them emerged victorious.

Amazing Race 2.0 was akin to a treasure hunt, but with a marketing twist. Participants followed a series of clues, each linked to a specific task. This event not only provided a fun and exciting experience but also tested the marketing knowledge of the participants. 10 teams ran the race where 1 of them flawlessly cleared all obstacles to come out on top.

On the second day of Incendo 2.0, two more events took place: Squid Game and CPL 2.0.

Squid Game was designed to evaluate the marketing acumen of the participants. Those who could not answer the marketing-related questions were subjected to entertaining punishments, adding an element of amusement to the competition. Showing some calm amidst this chaos we had 1 team out of 8 who won it all.

CPL centered around the auctioning of various brands, but with certain constraints and rules to be followed. The winning team was determined based on their ability to accumulate the highest rating points during the auction. Out of ten teams fighting for the biggest conglomerate a team of 3 business minds from "Moscow” cracked the deal.

All in all, we had 150+ participants over this 2-day event. Kudos to all those who participated! Sadly there can only be one winner but that’s just part and parcel in the larger scheme of things. We hope everybody involved in whatever possible way had fun participating and we really hope to see such an amazing turnout next year as well.

All in all, Incendo 2.0 was a remarkable event that ignited the marketing enthusiasm of its participants. It provided a platform for experiential learning and allowed attendees to glean valuable insights from their peers and the challenges they encountered during the event.



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