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Originality is the essence of true scholarship. Creativity is the soul of the true scholar. ~Nnamdi Azikiwe

SVKM's NMIMS Navi Mumbai is equipped with cutting edge modern academic facilities and the campus is truly global in its outlook and infrastructure. One of the distinguishing facilities is the NM Seminar Hall. This facility combines the elements of a conference center, a performance space, and an intimate community forum. The NM Hall harnesses the energy and creativity of the thousands of students, faculty, and leaders of all kinds who convene there.

NMIMS Navi Mumbai believes that when you bring people with talent, vision, and ambition together in a space designed specifically to facilitate connections, conversation, and debate, the potential for transformative ideas and action is limitless. We believe that game-changing innovations will emerge from this space.

NMIMS Navi Mumbai plans to host various events a year ranging in nature from research conferences to symposia to cultural events. NMIMS Navi Mumbai campus is a place where learning happens not just in the classroom but also over meals, in the hallways, and in common areas throughout the campus.

The NMIMS Navi Mumbai Seminar Hall enables us to bring together leaders—in academia, in business, and in policy—in a world-class way to spur not just dialogue but action. We know that if we can create a gathering place of high functionality and high purpose, and if we leverage our convening power within that space, we can significantly affect the public debate about issues that are of the greatest importance to people at this School, in this country, and around the globe. All this is in keeping with NMIMS’s mission of educating leaders who make a difference in the world.

Located at the very heart of the Campus, as a vibrant space with an eye toward flexibility, adaptability, and accessibility. Given the wide range of events and gatherings that will take place in this Hall, it’s imperative that the space be able to support, complement, and facilitate activities both big and small.

NMIMS Navi Mumbai Seminar Hall features State-of-the-art technology enabling connections with scholars and thought leaders around the world; and Stage capacity, acoustics, and equipment for spoken-word events and cultural events.

NMIMS Navi Mumbai will strive to be a leader for many years to come in bringing people together to discuss and advance important and innovative ideas that will have an impact on business and society.

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