B. Sc. (Tech.) Cosmeticology and Perfumery

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The NMIMS (Deemed to be University) is introducing theB. Sc. (Tech.) Cosmeticology and Perfumery programme from August 2021. Duration of the regular B. Sc. (Tech.) Cosmeticology and Perfumery programme is four years with eight semesters. Moreover, students can complete three years and can get exit with B. Sc. (Hons.) Cosmeticology and Perfumery degree. Additionally they can come back within 3 years (6 semesters) and get admission to complete fourth year for the completion of B. Sc. (Tech.) Cosmeticology and Perfumery degree.

The salient feature of this programme is the emphasis being laid on the overall development of student with major focus on application and filed work. The course manly focuses on Cosmeceutics, Advances in cosmetic product development, Pharmacology, Perfume Chemistry, Learning of analytical techniques used in cosmetic and perfume industries etc. Students will get many opportunities of interactions with experts in these fields during the course tenure. The students can gain hands on experience in the field while doing internships in industries/research institutes/health sectors etc.


The B. Sc. Cosmetics & Perfumery is a four years course, which includes eight semesters with major focus on basic knowledge of cosmeceutics, perfumery, industrial scopes and applications in cosmetic product development.


A total of 40 seats are available for the B. Sc. (Tech.) Cosmeticology and Perfumery programme.

Board of Studies





Prof. (Dr.) Desai N.S.

Chairman, BoS




Dr. Vijay Bambulkar

Consultant, Cosmetic Industry & Academia, Formerly, Director Reg & Med Affairs,
GM-Product Devp at J&J,Adjunct Faculty at SP PU, JSS, KLE            

Externa Expert- Academic & Industry


Dr. Munira Momin

Principal, SVKM’s BNCP, Vile Parle (E)

Externa Expert- Academic


Dr. Padmini Ravikumar

Ex. Professor, SVKM’s BNCP, Vile Parle (E)

Externa Expert- Academic


Dr. Munir Chandniwala

MD, Influx Health care, Kandivali

Externa Expert- Industry


Dr. Vrushali Joshi



Programme In-charge's Message

The Sunandan Divatia School of Science (SDSOS) is a newly founded endeavor of the prestigious SVKM’S NMIMS (Deemed to be University), in its efforts to diverge to various disciplines of higher education and learning. The SOS evolved in 2007-2008, with a view to provide undergraduates and post graduates an opportunity to embark on a challenging, yet exciting domain of Pure and Applied Sciences. At the SOS, we offer unique multi- as well as inter-disciplinary programs, viz, Post graduate program in Statistics, Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences and Physiotherapy; Integrated Post-graduate-Doctoral program in Biological Sciences and Chemical Sciences and a Doctoral program in Biological Sciences and Chemical Sciences.

There is a major emphasis on ‘Research’ in all the programs offered at the SDSOS. We are strongly driven by a highly qualified scientific talent pool. The focus is on applied research in different areas of life sciences, chemical sciences, biomedical science, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Cosmetics and Perfumery and other allied areas.

Our strategic plan involves inclusion of innovative areas of inter-disciplinary research, in specific areas through the application of new and cutting-edge technologies.

I welcome you all to an enjoyable and stimulating learning experience at the SDSOS and look forward to working together to help us achieve our goal, to be recognized as a ‘Centre of Excellence’.

Prof. (Dr.) Desai Neetin S.

Dean, Sunandan Divatia School of Science


Value Proposition

  • Unique program, with a provision of completing bachelor degree in Cosmetics & Perfumery with advanced knowledge of industrial processes, its applications in product development in 4 years (8 Semesters).
  • Programme allow students to take Inter Disciplinary/ Minor Track elective courses as per their interest and any foreign language thought out the 4 years.
  • Practical papers are application oriented
  • Extensive course work in line with the requirements of Industry, thus adding value to the degree.
  • Summer internships with credits for stagnating the interdisciplinary skills
  • Industrial Internship in fourth year to enhanced skills developed during first three years.
  • In built opportunity to improve soft skills as well as scientific writing
  • Flexibility in project selection on interdisciplinary subjects.
  • Grading system at par with international standards
  • A system of continuous evaluation through seminars, quizzes and practicals
  • Guest faculty drawn from a pool of experts from Industry
  • Innovative teaching methods involving continuous interaction amongst faculty and students

Programme Objectives

  • Modern facilities to provide ambience and support for curricular and extra-curricular activities for the overall development of students.
  • Dedicated, qualified faculty to ensure high standard of teaching, learning and evaluation processes.
  • Periodic review and revision of curricula based on feedback from the industry with quick response to ensure the relevance of the programmes to the changing needs of industry.
  • Semester system with proper planning to utilize the resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Industry based project work as part of the curricula to get recognition and reward to the students in the form of job offer or support for further studies and research.
  • The "Industry Interface Program” has been initiated to keep the students abreast of the latest trends in the industry/research organizations through industrial visits and guest lectures.



The first two years of the course work focuses on foundation of cosmetology and perfumery so that graduating students can develop their interest in the chosen area. This course focuses on the theoretical, experimental learning and applications in the field of cosmetics and perfumery. The course work comprises of lectures and practicals and internships throughout the course.

The course is reviewed regularly in consultation with our Board of Studies, which comprises of experts from academia, research institutions and industry from all over India. Thus, the course is tailor made to fulfil the requirements needed to keep pace with the current developments in the field of Cosmetics and Perfumery.

In the first year, along with the permanent faculties, the regular lectures are also conducted by visiting faculties who are experts in their respective fields. Apart from the course work, the Faculty also conducts Guest lectures by eminent academicians and scientists, paper presentations (Journal Club), etc. to ensure learner centric environment.

In the fourth year, students can take up 6-month research projects/internship on varied topics either at academic/research institution/perfume industries/cosmetic Industries/health sectors.



First Year

Semester I 

  • Paper I Introduction to cosmeceutics 
  • Paper II Anatomy & Physiology of skin and hair
  • Paper III Cosmetic Chemistry I
  • Paper IV Herbal and organic cosmetics
  • Paper V Open Elective
  • Paper VI Environmental Science
  • Practical-I Cosmetic Chemistry
  • Practical-II Anatomy & Physiology

Semester II

  • Paper I Microbiology
  • Paper II Anatomy & Physiology
  • Paper III Introduction to the beauty and wellness industry
  • Paper IV Introduction to human nutrition
  • Paper V Open Elective
  • Paper VI Communication & Writing Skills- English
  • Practical-III Natural Cosmetic Agents
  • Practical-IV Microbiology


Second Year

Semester III

  • Paper I Pharmacology & Toxicity
  • Paper II Introduction to diet management
  • Paper III Basics of Perfumery
  • Paper IV Dyes and Oil Technology
  • Paper V Open Elective
  • Paper VI Any Foreign Language I
  • Paper VII - Product Survey & Analysis
  • Paper VIII Industry Visit/S
  • Practical-V
  • Practical-VI


Semester IV

  • Paper I Herbal Cosmetics
  • Paper II Trichological Studies
  • Paper III Perfume Chemistry
  • Paper IV Psycho-dermatology
  • Paper V Open Elective
  • Paper VI Any Foreign Language II
  • Paper VII - Session with Cosmetologist
  • Paper VIII Seminars
  • Practical-VII
  • Practical-VIII

Third Year

Semester V

  • Paper I Analytical Techniques
  • Paper II Plant Design & Functioning
  • Paper III Drug and Cosmetics Lows
  • Paper IV Research Methodology
  • Paper V Open Elective
  • Paper VI Any Foreign Language III
  • Paper VII - Product Survey & Analysis
  • Paper VIII Entrepreneurship and IPR
  • Practical-IX
  • Practical-X


Semester VI

  • Paper I Cosmetic Engineering
  • Paper II Advances in Product Development
  • Paper III Naturopathy
  • Paper IV Quality control & Assessment in Cosmetics
  • Paper V Open Elective
  • Paper VI Any Foreign Language IV
  • Paper VII - Project proposal preparation
  • Paper VIII Seminar
  • Practical-XI
  • Practical-XII


Forth Year

Semester VII & Semester VIII

Paper I Industry Internship 180-250 days

1. Project Report submission

2. Presentation

3. Q &A and Evaluation


Paper II Open Elective Project

Paper III Foreign Language V

Paper IV Foreign Language VI

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