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Gamificaiton 2.0, An the event of the HITO Club of NMIMS, Navi Mumbai campus. This year GAMIFICATION 2.0 was conducted between 4th Jan to 6th Jan 2024, in which there were 3 rounds in total. The theme for this year was "Harry Potter and the Wizarding World”.

There were total 3 rounds for this competition, an online quiz, a creative task activity and a final offline round.

Round 1: The Online Quiz - In this round, the questions were related to HR in mind with a twist of Harry Potter such that each question was based on HR in the wizarding world. Participants were in a team of 2. The shortlisting of teams for the next round was done on the basis of their time taken to answer each question, accuracy, and correct answers. This was the elimination round.

Round 2: Creative Task Activity - The teams which made to this round had to perform 3 small tasks to be qualified for the final round. The 1st task was to create an image using text to describe how their image would be generated by AI. The 2nd task was to write a letter to the Headmaster of Hogwarts to prove why you deserve your preferred House among the four. And the final task was to make a make image or reel using in house objects available at their disposal. This was also an elimination round.

Round 3: The final Showdown - After the 2nd round, the teams made it to the final round. This was an offline event conducted in the college campus. The round was designed in such a way that they had to pass each stage while collecting the Horcruxes to finally defeat Voldemort. The first stage in this was an escape room called "Escape the Chambers of Secret” in which teams had to solve three puzzles to learn about the Horcruxes. The second stage was Pictionary, a combination of Dumb charades and Scribble which helped them understand the threats which chasing the Horcruxes. And the final stage was the hunt for the Horcruxes by way of Treasure Hunt. In the last stage, there were total 6 Clues leading to 6 Horcruxes. All the stages in the last round had points system. The team at the end with the most points was the strongest and with most resources to defeat Voldemort.

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