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It gives me immense pleasure to inform that IT club of SOC that is SOC-ITY was launched on October 20, 2023 at Navi Mumbai Campus by blessed hands of our beloved Director, Dr. Subhasheesh Bhattacharya. This club is a brainchild of Dr. Mamta Nair and IT faculty of SOC along with support of Associate Dean of SOC, Dr. Mukund Madhav Tripathi. This club will be dedicated to fostering innovation, learning, and collaboration among the tech enthusiasts and students at our institution. The launch event, which took place on October 20, 2023, was a momentous occasion for SOC-ITY as it marked the beginning of an exciting journey into the world of information technology.

Dr. Subhasheesh Bhattacharya, our esteemed Director, graced the event with his presence and offered his blessings to the initiative. His unwavering support for technological advancements and educational innovation would be a driving force behind the establishment of SOC-ITY.

Dr. Mamta Nair along with Dr. Mukund Tripathi, the visionary behind this endeavor, worked tirelessly to bring SOC-ITY to life. Their commitment to creating a vibrant space for students to explore the ever-evolving field of information technology is truly commendable. The pivotal role played by Dr. Mukund Madhav Tripathi, whose guidance and support have been instrumental in setting up SOC-ITY.

At the launch event,  introduction of  the key members who will steer the club towards a bright future also took place. These individuals are not just leaders but passionate enthusiasts, and they are dedicated to making SOC-ITY a hub of IT excellence.

Here are the key members of SOC-ITY:

Vaibhav Khemka - Head of the Club

Vaishanavi Gupta - Sub-Head of the Club

Tanmay Jha - Advisor

Yuvan Agrawal - Secretary

Vardaan Agrawal - Treasurer

Shriya Dhawale - PR (Public Relations)

At the launch event, we were privileged to have Dr. Monika Sharma, a prominent figure in the field of artificial intelligence, as our special guest. Dr. Sharma conducted an insightful workshop on how AI tools, including ChatGPT, can be harnessed to enhance business prospects and lead to successful careers. Her expertise and guidance provided attendees with a unique perspective on the transformative power of AI in various industries.

During her workshop, Dr. Sharma introduced the attendees to playground.ai, an innovative platform for hands-on experience with AI technologies. She specifically highlighted the potential of ChatGPT, a cutting-edge AI tool, in streamlining business operations, enhancing productivity, and driving innovation. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the practical applications of ChatGPT, explore its capabilities, and gain insights into how it can be leveraged to solve real-world challenges.

SOC-ITY is not just a club; it is a platform for students to enhance their skills, share knowledge, and engage in collaborative projects that will prepare them for the challenges of the digital age. The club will offer a range of activities, including workshops, seminars, hackathons, and tech talks, to ensure that our members are at the forefront of technological advancements. In a nutshell -

  1. Application oriented software training sessions with a frequency of monthly or bi- monthly depending on feasibility.
  2. Hands- on sessions on latest technologies specially useful for  students.
  3. Quiz and various competitions to generate interest of SOC students in IT subjects.
  4. To give more emphasis on Excel / Power BI/ Tableau as being the most popular technologies for visualization and analytics.
  5. Many interesting industry oriented workshops which would be useful for commerce and management students.

Report on ChatGPT session by SoC-ITY club
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